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Related article: Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2004 14:21:48 -0800 From: Bob Hook Subject: after-school-movie (part 3)On the ride home, I sat silently staring out the window of the car, feeling the sweet tingle in my balls as I contemplated the recent event of Mr. Carl playing with my hard cock in the dark theater, and recalled the intensity of my orgasm, my cumm flying all over, and seriously sliming the lining of the school jacket that I now wore, and I relished the wetness that I felt against the back of my shirt! My Mom kept asking if I was OK, since I had said hardly a word since she arrived to pick me up from Mr. Carl's after school care. "Yea, Mom, I'm good.....just sorta tired, is all." I assured her. She reached over, and gripped my thigh, making me jump, as I remembered Mr. Carl touching me in the very same way! "Well, OK, honey, I know it can't be much fun for you, having to sit through movies every afternoon, but I should be finished with the project pretty soon," She reassured me.Far from being reassured, my heart fluttered inside my chest, as I wondered how I was going to maintain my newfound contact with Mr. Carl, a development that I certainly did NOT want to end! I smiled at her, and said, "It's really pretty cool, actually, Mom!" I told her, "I don't mind it....I just worry about you working so hard, is all!" She smiled, and patted my leg, telling me, "Your such a good boy, Robby, and thanks, for worrying about me, but I'm fine, too!" Our silence resumed, and I recalled Mr. Carl having said exactly the same words to me, as he whispered into my ear, my acrid cumm odor on his warm breath! My small cock twitched, and swelled, inside my tight Lolita Hentai white briefs at the memory!My mind played back the intense feelings Mr. Carl was so able to produce throughout my young body, and my minds eye clearly painted a visual of his huge man cock, as it had strained against his pants, the swollen shaft of it seemingly as big around as my small wrist! I shuddered, wondering what it must look like, and feel like, in all it's naked splendor! I deftly dropped a hand into my lap in the dark car, giving my small stiffy a quick squeeze! Arriving at our apartment, I went to my room, hung my cumm soaked jacket on a hanger to dry, and stripped, heading for the shower.In the hot, steamy shower, I soaped my rampant boy cock, sliding my slippery hand along the length of it, my other hand tugging at my small balls, trying to mimic Mr. Carl's fingers there, and eliciting similar, tingly feelings, as I shot another load of my spunk, splattering the shower wall, where my juice drizzled downward, and swirled into the shower drain! I leaned my naked butt against the wall, rubber kneed, and panting, and picturing my hands wrapped around that huge man cock in Mr. Carl's pants!It seems as though my young cock had stayed rock hard all day at school, and I sprang from my seat like an escaped prisoner, when the final bell sounded, practically running to the movie theater! Out of breath, I skidded to a stop in front of the small ticket booth, where I saw Mr. Carl working, as I approached the theater. I grinned at him, through the booths glass, and said, shyly, "Hello, Sir!" He returned my grin with one of his own, saying, "Hello Young was school, today?" Blushing slightly, I answered, "Really, really, long, Sir!" Mr. Carl chuckled at this, and nodded wisely, then said, "Just go on inside, Robby, and wait for me in the Managers office....he took the day off, and I'll join you there, as soon as Marie relieves me in here." He paused, and wiggled his thick eyebrows at me, adding, "It's the same movie as yesterday, and I don't imagine you car about seeing it again, do you?" I blushed deeper still, shook my head no, and said, "Not really, Sir....I'll just wait for you in the office." Mr. Carl smiled, and replied, "Yes, Robby boy, you do that, and I will be right along!"I walked inside the lobby, said Hello to Marie, the theaters other employee, and walked into the managers office, taking a seat on the sofa, waiting for Mr. Carl, my stiffy seriously tenting out the fly of my school pants! In a few minutes, Mr. Carl entered the office, closed, and locked the door, and walked over to sit beside me, his arm going onto the back of the sofa behind my head, his other hand gently gripping my upper thigh, as he again smiled at me, saying softly, "It was a very long day for me, too, Robby, and I've certainly been thinking about you, a great deal!" My pulse sped up at the contact of his hand high on my leg, and I blushed at his words, nodding, and squeaking out, "Me too,'s like ALL I can think about, pretty much!" He chuckled, moving his large hand upward, and over, as he grasped my stiff little cock, squeezing me gently, as he replied, "Hmmm.....yes...I can see that you have been thinking about our special appears to have made our little friend happy, indeed!" I blushed again, nodded, and told him, "for sure,'s been like that pretty much all day, Sir!"Mr. Carl stroked my boner over my pants, telling me gently, "Yes...well then....we just need to make him feel all better, don't you think, Robby boy?" I nodded rapidly, my muscles all tensed tightly as I savored his touch, my tummy all fluttery, and my small balls all tingly! "Oh yes Sir......please, Sir!" I croaked! Mr. Carl let go of my cock, and grasped my small hand in his big paw, gently pulling my arm, and saying, Lolita Hentai "Stand up for me, Robby." I stood, and he turned me to face him, still seated on the sofa. "Since we have better privacy today, Robby, and won't be disturbed, it would please me greatly, if you would permit me to see, and enjoy, all of your young beauty, Robby.....would that be ok with you, Son?" I looked into his eyes shyly, blushed some more, and said, quietly, "Yes sir!"Mr. Carl reached out, and tugged the hem of my white shirt from my pants, then began to undo the buttons, one at a time, until the shirt was open, hanging to each side of me, exposing my hairless chest ,and tummy, and my small, nickel sized nipples, to his hushed gaze! He let his eyes roam over my torso, and I saw his tongue tip slip out, and lick across his full lips. "Ah...lovely...really quite lovely!" He murmured, than used his large hands to slip the shirt off my thin arms, and he dropped it to the floor. I blushed hotly, and stood shirtless before him, as he inhaled deeply, then slowly passed his big hands over my smooth, hairless chest, and tummy, his fingers grazing softly over my stiff little nipples, pinching them gently, causing me to shake, and suck in a deep breath, as chills ran down my spine!Mr. Carl continued to pass his big hands over my naked skin, gently pinching the small crease of my baby fat at my waist, then making small, gentle, circles up my quaking body, to again tease, and manipulate my burning nipples, a touch so new to me, I actually almost came from the searing sensation! "Oh, Robby.....Baby...You are just SO creamy...!" He mumbled quietly, as he continued to touch and caress, the whole of my naked upper body! In time Mr. Carl's big hands found their way to my belt, and as he fumbled with undoing it, I stared at the backs of his large hands, noting with wonder the hair that sprouted there, and the many creases, and wrinkles, of his hands! He got my belt, and zip, opened, and me pants slid down my thin, smooth, legs, pudding at my feet! He sat back a bit, and I felt his eyes burn my skin, as he looked at me, from my face, over my naked torso, lingering briefly at my fully tented, small, white briefs, then down my hairless legs! He smiled, and sighed deeply, then muttered, Robby.....Robby....such a beautiful young boy...!" My knees were shaking, and I noticed my chest rising, and falling, rapidly, from my panting breath! My face felt hot enough to flame, and I never, ever, wanted this time to pass, as I basked I the heat of Mr. Carl's gaze!Moving forward again, Mr. Carl gently cupped my aching boy parts in his meaty hand, squeezing gently over my stretched briefs, shaking his head slightly, as if in disbelief, then slowly slid a hand down each of my thin legs, kneading my burning flesh as he went, until he reached my feet, where he lifted each foot, freeing me of my pants, and removing my tennis shoes, leaving me standing before him in my white briefs, and white gym socks! He passed his hands back up my trembling legs, reaching to the backs of my legs to stroke my calves, and the backs of my thighs, and reaching the small, tight, globes of my butt, he closed a big hand over each, squeezing, and kneading the firm mounds! I reached out my arms, and placed my hands on his strong shoulders, bracing my shaking body, to keep from falling! As he worked my fleshy butt cheeks, he leaned toward me, and passed his wet, warm tongue over my nipple, sucking gently, before moving across, to repeat the motion on the other nipple. I bucked, and groaned, loudly, gripping his shoulders harder, gasping for breath, as my body glowed from the intensity of his many touches!!Mr. Carl made several back and forth passes across my heaving chest, slaving my stiff little nipples, leaving me with a chilled feeling, from the wetness, and a burn within, as if my tight nipples might explode, right on my small chest!! He moved one hand to my front, then, and began once again stroking my throbbing cock, and gently fingering my tight balls, as I stood, shaking, and panting, feeling on fire, and feeling my boy juice leaking profusely inside my small briefs! Leaning back again, Mr. Carl hooked his fat thumbs into the elastic of my briefs, and tugged them down below my small balls, my drooling boy cock springing free, and slapping loudly against my smooth groin! I looked down at it, seeing the juice flowing from my tiny slit, the mushroom head a bright red, and Lolita Hentai the whole spike pulsing, in sync with my pounding pulse! Mr. Carl stared at it too, his sweating face being at eye level with the jerking instrument, and I saw him again lick his lips! He pushed my little briefs down my legs, and, lifting each socked foot, he took them off me, leaving me naked, save for my white socks!Reaching out to me, he passed one large hand between my smooth thighs, palming my tight scrotum, and pushing my swollen nuts around with his stubby fingers, as his other hand gripped my shaft, fingers closed around it, moving the smooth skin back and forth! "AGGHhhh.......UNGgggggg....!!" I groaned, rolling my head side to side, and spreading my legs wide, allowing Mr. Carl total access to all of me! He stroked me, and did all manner of wondrous things to my smooth balls, then grasped my boy nail at its base, slipping his warm, wet mouth over my head, and sucking my shaft inside! "OHHhhgggg.......Aaggggggg......!!" I moaned, loudly, my fingers grabbing at his hair, as my hips flexed, pumping my boy cock at his sucking mouth!He pulled away, knowing that had he continued, I was doomed, and would explode my load in seconds! Bringing one hand to my chest, he began again tweaking my tiny nipples, and his other hand passed between my wide spread legs, cupping my bottom, and pressing a finger into my warm crack, rubbing me there, until he found my tight hole, and pressed against it! "OHHHHhhhh......Sir.....Waaaaannn....!!" I sang, at the strange, and incredible sensation of being most secret place....! He pressed harder against my tight resistance, as he hissed at me, "Relax, Robby....just relax, out....!" I groaned some more, and tried to relax, willing my muscles to let allow him his need....and my own....then.....his fat finger penetrated my small ring, and I felt it slid its length inside my hot tunnel, as I wailed, "UGGgggggg......NNGGgggggg....!! And my body tensed, and I rose up on my toes, a searing burn coursing through me, as Mr. Carl bent, and again engulfed my slobbering prick inside his hot mouth, sucking me in sync with his plump finger sliding in, and out, of my clenched hole!I Lolita Hentai was tearing at his hair now, my fists tightly clenched, panting, and groaning, as a million sensations rocked my thin body at once! He picked up speed sucking me, and his finger suddenly pressed on a spot inside me, and I yelled, the pleasure was so intense, and my balls jerked up inside their bag, and my boy cock exploded, spewing the contents of my balls in rapid jets of my cum, spraying Mr. Carl's mouth with all that I had, as he slurped, and swallowed, still working his finger into that special place, as I bucked, and drove my spewing cock into him, draining my very essence into the man, and falling forward, to literally collapse onto him, pushing backward on the sofa, and landing on top of him!Mr. Carl lay back, and pulled me on top of him, hugging my shaking body, and slowly rubbing my back, kissing my cheek softly, and whispering to me, "Yes, Robby Boy....yes, Baby....yes.....yes......soooo yes!!" I began, finally, to calm down some, and Mr. Carl shifted, turning me onto my side on the sofa, him on his side, facing me, as he stroked me, and whispered to me, and touched me, everywhere, telling me how special....I was to him!! I opened my eyes, and looked at him, my face spreading into a huge grin, as I hugged the big man, croaking out, "Ohhhhh...Mr. Carl....Ohhhh....Sir!!" And I felt him chuckle, as he quietly replied, "Ohhhh....Indded!!"(To Be Continued)
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